How Became the Top Casino Guide

Top Casino Guide

Nobody knows anything for sure. We guess, we speculate, but we rarely know. So, far is it for me to pretend to know how stipulate Video Slots Free Spins gained so much popularity.

But what I can do is share insights of what I noticed myself after I became a frequent visitor to the site.

How it All Started

Like many, I found from Google after searching for some casino game guide. Probably tried a couple results that clearly didn’t charm me before stumbling onto Video Slots Free Spins. screenshotI don’t know what made me stay. The site didn’t stand out visually too much, and I didn’t even leave my email. At first.

However, once I returned for a second time to check info on, I completely converted to the religion of

I think that it’s there no BS approach that stuck with me. Sure, their content was incredibly captivating. They already had superb, in-depth resources both for new players as well as advanced casino visitors.
But it’s how fast you can find the information you need was the most impressive for me.

And over the years, they have helped me again and again.

  1. I discovered new slots machines.
    On the bottom of several of their guides, share links to a bunch of free slots to play. That’s how I found games like Beehive Bedlam and the Spartacus Slot.
  2. Found a Quality Casino
    I don’t want to turn it into an ad, so I won’t say the name (besides, we may be looking for different things anyway). But Video Slots Free Spins did help me in finding a quality, trustworthy casino where I play every week for about 1.5 years.
  3. Gained more industry knowledge.
    At first I used only as a game resource. But eventually I started seeing more and more guides and tips that were not limited to a slot game. Tips like how to play offline, what to do if you only have$1 to deposit, things like that.
  4. Gain tons of value from their newsletter
    As a blogger, I am interested in how to write an irresistible newsletter. While as a player, I want things like free spins and low-key bonuses. After I signed up to their newsletter, I got both. may not be for you. I can’t know. But it’s a superb resource that everyone should know about.

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