Best Slots That Have Become Classics

There are 1000s of slots to play online, free and for real money. Some were clearly created as an opportunity to profit. Most slots dedicated to movies, superheroes or music bands are plain cash grab attempts.

But not all slots are like this.

Some just feel different. This article is about these exact slots. Slots that whether you play once or a million times, you still enjoy. Slots that anyone can bravely call a classic.

1. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah

There is a fierce competition among progressive jackpot slots. Or, rather, against their players. It’s kind of a rivalry that you only see between iPhone users and Android users, or PlayStation and Xbox.

Mega Moolah hasn’t always been at the top, but since 2015 even the haters admit that it may be the best progressive jackpot slot.

As to what happened in 2015? In a span of 13 months, there were not one, not two, but three jackpot wins exceeding 10 million. The first one hit on October 2015 and currently stands as the largest jackpot won online (€17,879,645).

2. Novomatic Book Of Ra

Some will claim that they knew Book of Ra from Novomatic will be on this list. To them we ask: “How can it not?”

It’s one of the biggest hits from the original Las Vegas. One of the first slots to move from a live setting to online casinos (2005). And even after all this time, Book of Ra slot is still going strong.

Naturally, the visuals were updated from the 1980s, and Book of Ra bonuses also helped the game with popularity. Also, new versions like Book of Ra Deluxe, Book of Ra 6 were released.

Still, what has Book of Ra achieved cannot be overstated. The slot will celebrate a 50-year anniversary soon, yet it’s kicking butts like a Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 5.

3. IGT’s Cleopatra

Egyptian-themed slots machines dominate the market, so here’s another of the classic slots. Cleopatra by IGT was also launched as a brick and mortar casino game and later was introduced to online players.
In many regards it is very similar to the Book of Ra slot, but you can think of it as a modern version.

Cleopatra has Wilds and Scatters, double the paylines (20) and a bonus round of 15 free spins.

What classics would you put on this list? Let us know and we’ll update this article with all worthy mentions.


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